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North Cyprus

Gaia Fertility, your family-centered initiative nestled in the heart of Cyprus. Our mission is to facilitate the journey of intended parents seeking surrogacy solutions by connecting them with top-tier clinics worldwide, ensuring the most professional and state-of-the-art experiences. What sets us apart is our commitment to a deeply personal approach. Our dedicated patient coordinators, all of whom have embarked on their own IVF or surrogacy journeys, understand not just the medical intricacies but, more importantly, the emotional challenges that come with this life-changing path. At Gaia Fertility, we stand by you at every step, offering unwavering support throughout your surrogacy program. Our high standards of practice, coupled with our passion and dedication, make us the ultimate choice for your surrogacy journey. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their relationship status or orientation, deserves the joy of building a family. Our personal coordinators, are here to guide and assist you, making your journey smoother and more informed.

Our commitment to immediate and intimate support begins from the very first consultation call and continues through appointments and procedures until you joyfully cradle your baby in your arms. What makes us truly unique is our dedication to improving the lives of millions of intended parents through customized and affordable surrogacy solutions. We serve as a knowledge pool of medical professionals, understanding your needs and guiding you to choose the ideal surrogacy destination and plan. Cost transparency is at the core of our values. We believe in complete openness, explaining all conceivable costs in advance. Surrogacy should not be a barrier to anyone’s parenthood dreams. Therefore, we work diligently to provide tailor-made surrogacy plans, ensuring accessibility and affordability for every intended parent.

Join us at Gaia Fertility, where your parenthood dreams are met with compassion, understanding, and a commitment to making your journey a positive and fulfilling one.

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