Alicante, Spain

At the IREMA Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Clinics,  you will find the most advanced treatments , hand in hand with the best professionals, to treat the possible fertility problems of our patients. The Irema Clinics are at the forefront of technology and in 2015 they were awarded as the best fertility clinic, thanks to personalized assisted reproduction treatments . Through a fertility study , 100% personalized, according to the age and circumstances of each patient, a diagnosis is established and the different options that best suit and achieve, to a greater extent, the desired pregnancy are offered.

Egg donation is the treatment indicated in patients who, for different reasons, do not have eggs capable of giving rise to a healthy and evolving embryo. It consists of performing in vitro fertilization with donor eggs and the partner’s sperm or bank sperm, transferring the embryos to the recipient woman.

 The patient receives hormone replacement therapy with estrogen and progesterone that prepares the uterus for receiving the embryos. The same day that the oocytes are collected, we carry out the fertilization, and five days later, we transfer the embryos to the patient. At IREMA, the egg donation treatment is always carried out with fresh, not frozen, eggs, which requires great coordination and synchronization but offers better results.

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