Harry Judd talks about the strain fertility problems put on his marriage

Harry Judd’s, the talented McFly drummer and Celebrity Race Across the World star has opened up about his and wife Izzy’s struggle to conceive, revealing that it almost tore them apart

After their star-studded wedding in 2012, the couple began trying to start a family but were met with difficulties. Izzy was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that can make it difficult to get pregnant due to irregular ovulation or no ovulation.

Determined to overcome this obstacle, Izzy underwent fertility treatment and made significant changes to her lifestyle. She followed a strict diet that eliminated sugar, caffeine, and gluten, all in an effort to increase her chances of conceiving. Eventually, they decided to undergo in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Unfortunately, their first successful round of IVF ended in miscarriage after seven weeks, leaving a profound impact on their marriage. Harry shared that Izzy’s overwhelming desire to become a mother consumed her, causing a shift in their dynamic. He felt like he had lost the vibrant, confident, and beautiful wife he had married. Witnessing her despair during what was supposed to be the honeymoon phase of their marriage left him feeling helpless.

“I remember after two years thinking: ‘God, we haven’t even had a kid and already I’m sick of this.‘ It was constant but I felt I couldn’t get frustrated at her”

Despite the challenges they faced, Izzy fell pregnant with their daughter Lola after another round of IVF. Miraculously, she conceived their son Kit naturally just a year later. Izzy candidly expressed that their journey to conceive had taken a toll on the romance in their relationship, as it became a routine and functional process rather than an intimate and joyous one.

In her book Dare to Dream, Izzy openly discusses their struggles with IVF and infertility. She acknowledges that the process had drained the romance out of their attempts to conceive, but she remains grateful for the opportunity to start the family they longed for. IVF, she says, has been magical for both her and Harry, granting them the gift of parenthood.

In 2021, the couple welcomed their third child, son Lockie. Izzy expressed her gratitude, reflecting on the moments when they doubted their ability to have even one child. She considers themselves incredibly lucky to now have three.

Harry Judd’s marriage went through a challenging period as they navigated fertility woes and the emotional rollercoaster of IVF. However, their determination, love, and resilience ultimately led them to the miracle of parenthood. Their story serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, hope and perseverance can lead to beautiful outcomes.

Izzy Judd shows her love and support

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