Chinese Grandmother Welcomes IVF Twins and Sparks Online Debate

In a small town in central China, a 59-year-old woman named Wang has given birth to twin daughters through the use of IVF. This extraordinary event has sparked a heated online discussion surrounding the choices of older couples with adult children who decide to have more babies

The twin girls were born in Yichang, Hubei province earlier this month, just two months before Wang herself turns 60, as reported by Jiupai News. Wang and her husband, who are wealthy retirees, have an adult son living in Beijing who already has a daughter of his own.

Wang explained that she and her husband opted for assisted reproduction treatment, which cost them over 100,000 yuan (approximately US$13,700), as they believed their home had become an “empty nest” – cold and devoid of life.

Despite their financial stability, their decision to bring new life into the world at an older age has raised many eyebrows

Wang’s son’s family only visits once or twice a year, and she stated that her adult son neither supported nor objected to her decision to have more children.

“I did not ask my son and his wife to take care of my new babies, and I won’t do that in the future,” Wang explained. “They have also not taken the initiative to talk with me about this issue.”

In a bid to foster independence, Wang intends to nurture her daughters to handle all household chores by the age of eight. She believes that this will not only help the twins develop essential life skills but also alleviate the burden on her and her husband as they grow older.

Fortunately, Wang and her husband have saved enough money to support the girls until they turn 20, ensuring that their financial needs are taken care of. However, the moral and ethical implications of their decision continue to divide opinions, with some praising their courage and others questioning the impact on the children’s upbringing and the potential strain on the family dynamic.

The case of Wang and her IVF twins serves as a reminder that societal norms and expectations are ever-evolving, challenging traditional notions of family planning and the age at which one can become a parent. While the future remains uncertain, one thing is for sure – this story will continue to generate discussion and debate for years to come.

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