Finding hope: A decade-long quest for motherhood and the search for an egg donor

Nadene Ghouri’s journey to become a mother has been filled with hope, heartbreak, and a lot of perseverance

After two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, she and her husband made the decision to continue trying. Over the course of ten long years, they endured multiple failed rounds of IVF, countless hormone injections, and the emotional toll that comes with it. They also spent over $100k, remortgaging their house to cover the expenses.

Despite the challenges and financial strain, Nadene’s desire to become a mother only grew stronger with each setback

Nadene deeply empathizes with other women who are facing similar struggles. She understands the lengths they are willing to go to fulfil their dreams of having a child.

The shortage of clinic-approved sperm and donated eggs in New Zealand has forced many individuals and couples to turn to Facebook forums and apps to find potential donors and surrogates. The competition is fierce, with each new post receiving numerous replies within minutes.

Nadene’s own journey led her to Ukraine, where she found her angel, Viktoria, a surrogate who carried her child

The legal complexities of surrogacy led Nadene to choose Ukraine as the destination for her surrogacy journey. As a journalist, she had done extensive research on commercial surrogacy and discovered that there are many positive stories that are often overlooked.

When she met Viktoria, she knew she had made the right decision

They developed a strong bond throughout the process, communicating via WhatsApp and sharing the joyous moments of pregnancy together.

Nadene’s son, Gilbert, is now three years old, but his journey began seven years prior when the embryos were created

While Gilbert is biologically Nadene and her husband’s child, his conception involved the assistance of a stranger who played such a crucial role to create their parenthood dream.

Now, Nadene and her husband are hoping to give Gilbert a sibling

They had found a potential surrogate in New Zealand but have faced setbacks due to current legislation and the complicated situation in Ukraine, where their existing embryos are stored. Nadene’s early menopause has made it necessary for them to create new embryos using an egg donor. However, the waiting list for eggs at fertility clinics is long, leaving them with no choice but to explore online options.

Despite the uncertainties associated with online fertility forums, Nadene finds herself posting on them, hoping to find a suitable egg donor.

She and her partner have even considered a unique arrangement where he would donate sperm to another couple in exchange for an egg donation, but the clinics they have approached do not provide matching services.

Nadene’s journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but her determination and resilience have never wavered

She knows that motherhood is worth every heartache and every dollar spent. She continues to search for a solution, holding onto the hope that one day, her dream of expanding her family will come true.

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