New finance plan means infertile patients can start treatment sooner

Sub-fertile couples and women who wish to become mums via private fertility treatment can be faced with clashing challenges, but the need to start treatment quickly is often compromised by hefty costs they haven’t had a chance to save for

But a nationally-rated fertility clinic in Bristol has introduced a choice of multi-cycle IVF programmes offering two, three or four cycles of IVF for a fixed discounted price so patients know exactly how much they’ll be spending, and new finance availability means they can begin treatment without having to save the whole sum before they start.

Kim Donaldson, business operations director at Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM), said: “It is not unusual, when patients find they need fertility treatment, for them to want to start immediately but, given that their situation is usually unanticipated, they don’t always have sufficient savings to allow them to proceed as quickly as they wish, even if they are on a good income.

“Our new partnership with Duologi offers the necessary funding, subject to the expected credit checks, meaning patients need not wait to begin their fertility treatment. Eligible patients are now being given the chance to access multiple treatments with a loan package that is interest-free for up to 12 months.

“And our multi-cycle packages, which are available for women aged up to 43, will optimise the chances of success for patients who may need more than one treatment cycle.”

BCRM’s multi-cycle packages are ideal for those with a low ovarian reserve (fewer than normal eggs in her ovaries), also for those who have a low chance of producing multiple embryos in a single cycle and do not have additional embryos to freeze for further potential pregnancies, or in cases where IVF treatment has previously failed.

The packages include a specified number of egg collection procedures (depending on whether the two-, three- or four-cycle package is selected), the same number of embryo transfers and frozen storage of suitable embryos for two years.

There are eligibility criteria relating to age, health and lifestyle, so all applications are subject to review before being accepted.

Details are available online at or interested parties can contact Katie Mackreth on 0117 2591159 or email [email protected] for further information.

BCRM hasone of the best success rates with IVF and other fertility treatments in the UK and is involved in innovative research covering a range of fertility issues. The clinic is located at Aztec West, near the intersection of the M4 and M5 motorways just north of Bristol, giving easy access for patients throughout the South West and Wales as well as further afield.

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