Made In Chelsea’s Ollie and Gareth welcome twins

Reality television stars Ollie and Gareth Locke have welcomed their twins after a surrogacy journey

The loved-up pair have documented their journey to becoming fathers. Along the way, they have experienced the highs and lows of surrogacy on their Youtube channel, Our Daddy Diaries.

The couple told Hello! magazine that the twins had arrived and life was perfect.

Ollie, 36, said: “The babies are here – this is what we have been waiting for. It’s this wonderful moment when we know we’re the fathers we want to be.

“The journey makes the end result all the more worthwhile, and now they’re here, it’s the best gift.”

The twins are six-weeks-old and are doing well following their birth on July 8.

The couple’s baby boy has been named Apollo Magnus Obi, and the baby girl has been named Cosimo Emily Bex.

Ollie and Gareth have been on their journey to becoming parents for three years.

They have travelled to Mexico and Cyprus on their surrogacy journey but suffered miscarriages and treatment not working on two previous occasions.

They then met Bex Ward, who offered to become their surrogate, and after initial heartache, the treatment worked, and they announced they were pregnant with twins.

The twins were born at 31 weeks, seven weeks early.

Ollie said: “Our little monkeys decided to be really strong. They wanted to come out early as they felt they were ready, and they were absolutely amazing. They needed a little bit of help but not as much as a lot of premature babies.”

The parents said in their interview that they plan to put regular updates on their Our Daddy Diaries Youtube channel.


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