Irish families advised not to travel to Ukraine for surrogacy

Irish couples hoping to become parents are still travelling to Ukraine for surrogacy despite the country being at war with Russia

The Irish government is warning couples not to enter surrogacy arrangements due to the dangerous nature of travelling to the country. Still, Irish media outlets are reporting there are at least 20 families who are currently engaged in the process at the present time.

The Department for Foreign Affairs has said one of the main reasons for its advising against the process is the government’s inability to offer consular assistance when they are in Ukraine.

A statement said: “The Department for Foreign Affairs strongly advises against all travel to Ukraine, for any purpose. The department is aware of and concerned about some citizens who continue to enter Ukraine to enter into surrogacy arrangements.

“The situation across Ukraine remains extremely dangerous, and the department strongly advises against entering into surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine. The capacity of the department to provide consular assistance to citizens in Ukraine is extremely limited.”

Fine Gael senator Mary Seeley said she was in touch with several families engaged in surrogacy.

She said: “My first advice is not to travel to Ukraine. Some people have embryos over there and want to travel, and my advice is other countries offer international surrogacy, and the embryos can be shipped there. There are processes to do that.

“My advice always comes without judgement because, on a human level, it is a very, very tough situation.”

Ukraine has suggested ending international surrogacy, with President Zelensky drafting legislation to outlaw the process.

Across the Black Sea, Georgia, which has long been a mecca for people from across the globe needing the help of a surrogate, has recently banned international surrogacy.

Are you in a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine? What has your experience been since the war began? We would love to hear your story; email [email protected].

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