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“In the UK Donor Egg and Sperm Treatment is expensive, has long waiting lists, and often gives the Patient a lack of choice in matching the Donor with the Patient. Why should you have to endure this? Reach out to Donor International and we can give you choice, affordability and immediate access to one of The world’s largest collection of overseas Donor Egg and Sperm, partnering with over 170 International Centres worldwide, with thousands of Donor sperm and Eggs. Every Donor International Clinic gives you a personalised concierge service, preferential rates on your treatment costs and a free no obligation Fertility consultation. Just chat with us now and you no longer need to wait”

Andrew Coutts

Head of International Development

Egg and Sperm donation has been a widely accepted, tried and tested method of helping infertile couples conceive a child since the mid-1980s. The Donor International Platform gives you choice, affordability, and accessibility to established Fertility Clinics of Excellence around the world with a free no-obligation consultation.

"Awareness of choice is a patients strength and their right. No stone should be left unturned to find that perfect and healthy match."

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Many of our Partner Clinics use...
Biometric Ai Technology: Fenomatching of Donor with Patient.....

Facial Matching

An algorithm that compares over 12,000 biometric measurements to find the donor that most closely resembles patient. A scientific and objective tool that makes the donor selection process more efficient..


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